Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hopping around in Y-1

For this past week during center time we have been able to do some fun activities for spring! First we colored an egg that turned into a bunny... we had so much fun and were very surprised!


Then we during math we did a word problem about 19 bunnies. We wanted to know if we had 19 bunnies how many ears would there be total! So we each made a bunny and then counted up the ears!

When finished the problem the kids found out that there were 38 ears total! 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Cafeteria Field Trip

Today we got to go to the cafeteria for a little field trip. Mrs. Connie the Cafeteria Manager brought us in the back into the kitchen so that we could see how our lunch food gets made. We learned how they make our dinner rolls!

After we learned how they make our dinner rolls we went to one of the tables and got to make cookies!!! First we put on gloves so that no germs got on them, and then we listened to Mrs. Connie as she explained what we do. Once she was finished explaining the directions we used the scoops to scoop the dough then we dipped the dough ball into sprinkles. Look how awesome our cookies turned out.

Later on in the day at lunch time Mrs. Connie came out of the cafeteria and give us all one of the cookies we made! They were so yummy and we ate them up fast!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Little Leprechaun Magic!

For St. Patricks Day we were very busy in Ms. Williamson's class! We read the legend of Lucky the Leprechaun and then we wrote a short sentence on what we thought Lucky would look like. On the same day we also made our own paper plate Leprechauns!

The next day we made Lucky a hat out of styrofoam cups.We left our 'hats' out over night and WOW Lucky shrunk our hats and left us some fools gold! The kids loved this surprise and were very excited all morning!