Monday, March 31, 2014

Silly McGilly and the 100th day

The 100th day of school started off with Zero the Hero's gift to the kids.....Their own capes with the initial of their first names on the back of each cape! To enter the room was a GIANT 100 and some super heroes. Students had to walk through the yellow zero to get into the room.

On the 100th day we made our own trail mix. We used chocolate chips, gummy bears, Cheerios, Fruit Loops, raisins, marshmallows, mini M&Ms, Chex cereal, Goldfish, and Skittles. We used a hundred chart to keep track of our counting and to make sure we used the right amount of each trail mix item. 

We also made a 100 topping pizza, and students used a dot marker to create a 100 dot gum ball machine. I surprised the kids by using the app Aging Booth to make the kids into 'old people' then after showing the kids they answered questions about what they would wear when they were 100, what they would eat, what they would do, and what they think it will be like when they turn 100. My favorite response was when one kid said that he would spend his time playing video games with his grandchildren. So cute!!

Kicking off March

To begin the month of March we had a special visitor in our class named Silly McGilly. Silly McGilly was a special leprechaun stuffed toy that we put in the window of our classroom. According to the story when you put the toy in the window a leprechaun would come visit the classroom. We thought the leprechaun would do fun things in the classroom but we never thought he would cause problems! Silly McGilly made a tower with blocks and then left them all out, he took out our white boards and wrote us messages, he changed our names around on our lockers and he left green foot prints in the class! 

One day Silly McGilly left us a stack of cups. In a note from our leprechaun friend it said that if we decorated the cups and left them out over night he would shrink the cups and turn them into a hat! We left them out on a Wednesday night and the next day all our hats were shrunk!

After Silly McGilly left we wrote about how we would catch a leprechaun. Students wrote one or two sentences explaining their process. I found this activity especially exciting because the kids could write mostly on their own. Hardly any kids needed my help and if they did they asked for my help! I am just so proud of the progress all the kids have made in their writing this year!!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Reading Challenge

To kick off the school's reading challenge this month Rocky Bluewinkle came to the school and played a little game with the kids. Most students loved this surprise to their day, a couple were scared at first but then got into the fun of the event. One student was picked from the class to act out a baseball game with Rocky. 

Dental Awareness Month

The month of February is Dental Awareness Month. In order to teach students about dental health we had the students in the dental assisting program at Hodgson Vo-Tech come to our school. There were five activities at all kindergarten students participated in. At one station student practiced brushing off 'plaque' on pretend teeth. This was a cool activity because the Hodgson students used the bottom half of two liter bottles as teeth and then used vanilla icing as the 'plaque'. 

At another station students sorted pictures of healthy foods and unhealthy foods. They also played a memory game with picture cards. 

At the Tooth Fairy station students received a Healthy Smile Certificate and got to meet three tooth fairies. Another station students learned about how important a healthy lifestyle is and got to dance inside a giant tooth!

When the students of G-3 got back to the classroom they made their own tooth fairy and wrote about what they would do if they were a tooth fairy. Each student was very creative in their writing and it was exciting for me to see how much each student has advanced in their writing skills!