Friday, April 19, 2013

Time for Caterpillars!!!

 On April 9th our Caterpillars came in the mail! I was soooo excited that the other teachers were laughing at my childlike enthusiasm! I just couldn't help myself, I was excited to show the kids and to see our five little caterpillars grow. This is what they looked like when we got them, aren't they sooo cute and tiny!

Students came up with names and we wrote them down and put them in a bucket. I pulled out five names for our caterpillars and here is what we came up with.

When we came back to school from the weekend I came in to see that four of our caterpillars had made their cocoons. Our fifth little Caterpillar unfortunately died, however we were excited that our little caterpillars were growing and beginning to change.

I had to take the paper off the cup that had our cocoons on it. I was terrified that I was going to kill them BUT I got them into our butterfly net perfectly!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

2D and 3D shapes

We ended our shape unit right before spring break however I realized that I never posted these pictures! I am very proud of all the students in the class! They made 3D models of a cube with mini marshmallows and tooth picks. What surprised me was that NONE of them needed my help. Then later on in the week student made a 3D shape model of a pyramid. I had paper pre-cut and perforated so that it was easier students then I gave them some tape. This model was harder for students to complete which surprised me however, once they finished their models they were excited and proud of themselves. I just had to hang these models up in the classroom. We ended the shape unit with our 3D shape sort and it went really well. Thank you parents and families for sending in supplies for this activity. Without your help it would have been hard to put this all together.

Keeping Healthy

A couple days before spring break we had the students of Delaware Technical Community College come to our school to teach the kindergarten students about how they can keep healthy. Some of the tings they talked about were what a healthy food is and what an unhealthy food is. They taught students about how to keep fit, and about the amount of sugar in many juices, sodas and other flavored drinks. It was a very cute presentation! For the 'keep fit' activity students got to wear bunny ears and hop like a bunny in a relay!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

March Madness

This March has started off with some exciting events! We have a leprechaun causing all sorts of mischief. He is turning over chairs, turning our water green, putting our chairs everywhere, leaving little green footprints all over everything, throwing paper on the floor, and hanging things from the ceiling!

The students have LOVED everything he has done. They come together and help to clean up Larry the leprechaun's messes. Sometimes he leaves us treats like tiny cookies, coins, leprechaun slime, hats, notes, and confetti.This week he has sent us notes and hid them around the school. One day Larry the leprechaun left us some hats so that we could decorate them and wear them at school!

 On another day Larry left some leprechaun slime in Mrs. Cooper's office as well as another note!

Before St. Patricks Day we made Larry the leprechaun hats out of Styrofoam cups! In a note Larry left us he said that he would shrink the hats we made to fit his head if he liked our hats! So we decorated the cups and then left them out over the weekend for Larry to shrink!

We also put out the leprechaun traps we made so that we could trap that sneaky little leprechaun!

When we came to school the Monday after St. Patricks day we saw that Larry had shrunk all of our hats! He also left us little cauldrons filled with chocolates!