Saturday, August 25, 2012

First Week Back to School

Are you ready for the school year to start? I am!!

The 2012-1013 school year is about to begin and I am very excited to meet everyone on Monday morning! This year will be filled with fun, learning, exploration, celebrations of achievement and much much more! I have been working very hard over the past week to get the classroom ready and the theme this year is OWLS! I know that this year is going to be a hoot! Keep checking back for more information throughout the school year and for pictures of what we are doing in the classroom. Below are some pictures of the classroom, I plan to post more pictures in the next week.

Classroom Pictures

Here are two pictures of the hallway displays for our classroom. 
I put student work on display in each sheet protector.

Here is the door students will walk through when they come into the classroom.

This is the front of the classroom where our morning routine and most instruction takes place. Each student gets to sit in one square on the carpet and can interact with the SMART board during lessons.

This is our calendar that we will use to keep track of the date and we will use it for different math activities. 
Located next to the SMART board is our attendance chart. Each month students will have a different picture to put in the chart to show that they were at school that day.
Ms. Williamson's very messy desk!
Here are the lockers students will use to put their belongings. Above the lockers is our alphabet chart and sight words.
Here I will post on the bulletin board our new sight word for the week. The small wooden table will also be used as a writing center during reading center time.
This is the back of the classroom where the dramatic play center is located. It is also where math materials are stored.
This is another picture of the back of our classroom but from a different angle. One door allows us to access the playground and the other door leads to the bathroom for our class. There is also an art easel that students can use for different painting activities.
In our classroom we have a sink and a water fountain that students can use at certain times throughout the day. Our Learning Focused learning map for math is also located here. Under each owl on the tree are our current vocabulary words.
This is our computer center and where I post our math vocabulary for the whole year.
This is another view of the front of the classroom. Our birthday chart is located above the cabinets. On the cabinets are our color words, chart of blends, and other resources students can refer to.

Here is our reading and math center chart. Each basket matches a picture on the chart.

This is yet another view of the front of the classroom, it is where student's cubbies are located, where students put their folders, parent notes, and behavior logs.
The following photo is of the playground outside where students will be playing during recess. As a safety precaution students will need sneakers in order to play outside.

Thank you very much for stopping by to visit our class website! I am looking forward to having an awesome year!


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