Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cafeteria field trip

During the last week of April our class went on an in school field trip to the cafeteria. This trip was great because it allowed the kids to see where and how their food is made. First we lined up and met with Mrs. Connie the cafeteria manager for Wilbur Elementary School. She then took us into the cafeteria and she began our tour by showingus how they was the dishes for the school. It was very cool because Mrs. Connie said it would get hot enough to kill all the germs on the plates and trays! We then moved to a different section of the kitchen were we saw how they make our grilled cheese sandwiches, our cold lunches, and how they cut our orange slices!

Then we walked further into the cafeteria and the ladies showed us how they make the dinner rolls for the school. First they told us that they make large duogh balls. Then they put the dough balls into a machine and pulled a lever down to smush the dough. Finally they pull a second lever, which vibrates and shakes the dough. When both levers are lifted back to their starting positions and the machine opens you see small dough balls ready to be cooked!

Finally once we finished our tour we got to see how they make cookies! It was amazing to see because ey used a GIANT mixer! We learned that our school makes ALL the cookies for the entire school district. After they made the cookie dough they put it in a bowl and we followed Mrs. Connie to the cafeteria where we put on gloves and sat at a table. Once there we used dippers to make perfectly shaped dough balls. We then lightly dipped the dough balls into some sprinkles and placed them on a cookie tray. After our field trip was over we went back to class. During our lunch the cafeteria staff brought us the cookies we had made and we all got to eat the cookies that we made earlier in e day! We all agreed that they were the best cookies!


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