Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bus and Playground Safety

Hello again! This past week has been an exciting one so far. The kids are starting to come out of their 'shells' so to speak and they really seem to be adjusting to our class schedule. This year Mrs. Howell wanted teachers to teach children how to play on the playground safely and how to ride the bus safely. This turned out to be a fantastic idea!

 Bus Safety

In order to learn more about bus safety our vice principal Mr. Haber setup a special meeting with a couple of our wonderful bus drivers! Students were able to board the bus and listen to the bus driver.

The bus driver explained that there are some important rules to follow when riding a bus.

1). Stay sitting in the seat "bottom to bottom, back to back". This means that kids should be sitting with their bottom on the bottom of the seat and their back against the back of the seat.
2). Do not eat any food, candy, or drinks on the bus.
3). Be aware of what is going on around you when you get off the bus.
4). Tell the bus driver if anything (such as bulling, or name calling) happens on the bus.

Playground Safety

On the playground we have been learning how to properly use the slides, swings and playground equipment.

To help us learn playground safety the kids in Mrs. Amsterdam's class made us a video. The kids loved seeing the 'big kids' being a little silly in the video. Hope you all have a great week!


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