Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The SLANT box

This past month I was lucky enough to participate in a kind of teacher exchange program. For this program you get linked up with another teacher somewhere in the country and you send each other a box of themed 'goodies'. I have found that this program has allowed me to meet people that have the same passion for teaching that I do. They care for children and their future, it is a way to make connections, share ideas, and become a sort of community. These exchange boxes were created by Jameson over at Lessons With Coffee. She named this cute program SLANT box (Sending Love Across the Nation to Teachers). 

I am excited to write this because I got my first SLANT box last Thursday!!!! It came cutely packaged with pink polka dot tape! Thursday was the perfect day to get it, especially since we had P.I.E. night at school that evening. To come home to a surprise gift box.....let's just say I felt like a kid at Christmas!! I could barely wait to open it. Thank you to my partner Sarah over at Miss Whites Classroom!!!!!

Inside my box was the cutest note card! Sarah out did her self with this box, I kind of feel spoiled! There were notecards, post-its, pens, dry erase markers, labels, tissues, hand sanitizer, Sharpies, CANDY, and a mini first aid kit. Who ever remembers to bring band-aids outside to recess? I always have to run inside to grab some, now I will always be prepared! AWESOME! 

The candy/snacks will be perfect for all the late nights at school or for those days when you just need a sweet treat! I also got my first roll of Washi tape! I don't know how to use it but I am excited to find out!!! There was also a beautiful plaque that says "BE You tiful".

I know I usually only post "classroom stuff" on this blog but I was just too excited and HAD to share about my nice little surprise!


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