Thursday, November 7, 2013

The busiest week of October

The last week of October was packed with activities, fun days, special moments, and a little bit of craziness. Tuesday started us out with letter P day which I mentioned in a previous post. Then Wednesday we had our kindergarten fall festival! We started our festival fun before anyone got to the multipurpose room. First we did a little photo booth activity the kids thought that this was one of the funniest things and I am glad they got a chance to just be silly kids.

Fall Festival Officially Begins

THANK YOU to all the parents who came to help out that day and to the parents that sent me the pictures you took. During the fall festival we made Popsicle stick scarecrows! They came out very cute and they stuck together pretty well with glue sticks! (This surprised me.) Another activity we did was paint mini pumpkins. Each kid got to pick out their own pumpkin and then they painted it.

Students did a grab and count activity on a ten frame with pumpkin seeds. The kids did AMAZING at this! No one ate the seeds, ate glue, or hid seeds in their pockets (this happened in previous years) it was actually a very smooth activity. Then we had the relay! This was one of my favorite activities this year. The kids had to balance a small white pumpkin on their head as they walked from one large pumpkin to another. Then they had to hand off the pumpkin to the next person in line. It was fun for all to see the kids try to balance a pumpkin on their heads! We ended the festival with a story on the projector about apples. Afterwards all the kids got to taste some apple cider, yum!

Grandparents Day

Thursday was the craziest day of the week it was grandparents day, Halloween, storybook character day, and rock star day! There was so much going on it was almost too much! To begin the day we spent some time with our grandparents. We worked with them to make our own pumpkins that were special and unique just like us!

For this day of fun we got to dress up as a storybook character or a rock star. Check out some of the kids costumes! They were very creative.

After making our pumpkins we went outside to recess. Which was a blast! Kids played soccer with some of the grandparents, they tried on my ears from my costume and just enjoyed themselves. 

I was dressed as Pete the Cat for the day. I wore my pink shoes and carried a sign that said 'I love my 
Pink shoes'. The cutest thing was when one kid asked me what I stepped in that turned my shoes pink! Too cute! As a class we decided I must have stepped in pink lemonade. In the picture you can see it but I did have a little blue tail. Also Mrs. Williams dressed as Pete the Cat too but from the book Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons. 

In the afternoon before math we made our own Pete the Cats! The kids thought it was fun to pick out their own shoes and then to figure out what their Pete stepped in to turn his shoes the color of their choice. 

Overall it was one crazy busy week! Enjoy the photos and keep your eyes open for another post coming soon! There is just so much going on! I will also try to post these pictures to our password protected class photo site. I will let you know on Facebook when I am finished uploading them. 



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