Thursday, March 27, 2014

Reading Challenge

To kick off the school's reading challenge this month Rocky Bluewinkle came to the school and played a little game with the kids. Most students loved this surprise to their day, a couple were scared at first but then got into the fun of the event. One student was picked from the class to act out a baseball game with Rocky. 

Dental Awareness Month

The month of February is Dental Awareness Month. In order to teach students about dental health we had the students in the dental assisting program at Hodgson Vo-Tech come to our school. There were five activities at all kindergarten students participated in. At one station student practiced brushing off 'plaque' on pretend teeth. This was a cool activity because the Hodgson students used the bottom half of two liter bottles as teeth and then used vanilla icing as the 'plaque'. 

At another station students sorted pictures of healthy foods and unhealthy foods. They also played a memory game with picture cards. 

At the Tooth Fairy station students received a Healthy Smile Certificate and got to meet three tooth fairies. Another station students learned about how important a healthy lifestyle is and got to dance inside a giant tooth!

When the students of G-3 got back to the classroom they made their own tooth fairy and wrote about what they would do if they were a tooth fairy. Each student was very creative in their writing and it was exciting for me to see how much each student has advanced in their writing skills!


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