Thursday, May 1, 2014

Blooming into Spring

This month has gone by quick and I have noticed a lot of growth in each and every child. I am very proud of all their hard work! I know at the beginning of the year many parents and teachers who were concerned with the Common Core Standards and the increase in rigor. However these students have risen to the challenge are are accomplishing work that leaves me speechless! Just amazing!

Just a little about what we have been doing. In April Mr. Wells, the art teacher, had students create their own picture using the style of acclaimed children's author Eric Carle. Students were broken into groups in which they had to work together to create their project. Check out some of their work!

In writing we have been working on refining our writing and expanding it by adding more nouns and verbs. To do this students were taught what a noun is and what a verb is. From here we talked about how we could use them in a sentence. As a class we created a four sentence story about a monkey named Oscar. Students contributed to the story of Oscar, telling what he did, where he went, who he was with, and they expanded on each other's ideas! After we did this as a whole group students were paired up with a peer. Together they had to create their own four sentence story and once finished they had to draw an illustration that matched the story. WOW! These kids rocked this activity! I was excited that every story turned out completely different. 

The kids also wrote about what they wanted to do during spring break. Most kids wrote two to four sentences. As they were writing I had them double check their work and focus on starting a sentence with a capital letter, using proper punctuation, and putting spaces between words. 

Check back soon to see what's new!


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