Friday, June 6, 2014

On My Own

Lately the kids have been enjoying our white boards when they finish their work early. These two munchkins decided to write their own sentences all by themselves! 

Also one of the boys in the class got the idea to use the blocks for something other than building. Instead he used them as dominoes! What is even cooler is that he got the whole class involved in it. One morning they all worked together and created a large 'block domino' course. These kids amaze me everyday!

On May 6th we went on a mini field trip to the school cafeteria. When we were there we saw where they washed the dishes, how they make our sandwiches and where they store all the extra food and big cans!

We also got to see how they package our grapes, the big refrigerator, the oven, the mixer, and the scale that helps the bakers measure the chocolate chips that go in the cookies. Then Ms. Connie brought us out to the main cafeteria. Once there each student got to make two sugar cookies. Then later at lunch each student got to eat one of their cookies.


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