Tuesday, November 6, 2012

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat

During the month of October we read the book There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat by Lucille Colandro. We read the book repeatedly, sequenced pictures from the story, played games about the book, and made our own copies of the the book that we got to read to a friend and color the pictures. Students loved the predictable nature of the book as well as it's humorous nature. Each time we read the book students noticed different details in the book's illustrations and prose. It was especially exciting for me when students began to notice the rhyming words within the text!

Grandparents Day and Dream Job Day

Friday, October 19th was grandparents day AND dream job day at Wilbur Elementary School! All the students enjoyed having grandparents come in the classroom and help with a special pumpkin activity. They enjoyed talking with grandparents, having them help them cut or glue, and they just enjoyed their presence. A special thanks to ALL the grandparent who came out to this special day and a shout out to Mrs. Murry-Williams for taking pictures throughout the morning. On this day our class was featured in the superintendent's weekly memo that went out to all staff members within the district!! Here are two pictures that were featured:

Fall Festival

This year the kindergarten team decided to have a fall festival on Friday, October 26th. This was also the week I was out sick! I apologize for forms and notifications not being sent home about the festival, it snuck up on me! However, students still enjoyed the festival and participated in all the activities such as pumpkin seed grab and count, sack races, pumpkin painting, monster me decorating, apple cider tasting and sensory tables filled with corn/hay/and leaves. Mrs. Bickelman and I were able to lead the students through every activity and I took pictures throughout the festival. It was great to see the students so excited about each and every activity, I posted all the pictures on our SmugMug site for you to view. 


October Family Projects

October's family project was to read the book Elmer by David McKee. Small paper copies of the book were sent home with a large elephant picture that students were to decorate, making their own 'Elmer'. This year students were very creative! There was a Hello Kitty, butterfly, rainbow, transformer, star, heart, and sparkle elephants. I wanted to thank all families for their help and creativeness with this month's project. I posted pictures of student's presentations on our photo website. For November the family project will be on Tom the Turkey. Students are to disguise the turkey so that he will not be eaten for Thanksgiving dinner. Projects were sent home November 1st and are due November 16th,  PDF files of the documents sent home for this project are posted on this website in the event that your student's copy is lost.


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