Tuesday, February 19, 2013

100th Day of School!!

The 100th day of school was February 12th and was super exciting!!! When students walked in they had to go through a giant zero that was placed in front of the classroom door.

I was the queen of the 100th day and the first thing I did was crown all my students!

I took pictures of students holding a giant picture frame saying they are now 100 days smarter!

Then we made pictures of ourselves if we were 100 years old! Those picture came out very funny.


We made 100 day pizzas where students had to color the toppings according to the color code. Then they had to count how many of each topping was on the pizza. In total there was 100 toppings on the pizza.

We also jumped in place for 100 seconds. I found this great video on You Tube that the students LOVED. I ended up making it a contest.

Then we put 100 spots on a giant monster. I got the idea from Jamie Mayas over at Mrs. Maya's Kinders

We wrote about what we would do with $100, and we painted 100 gum balls in a gum ball machine.


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