Friday, February 15, 2013

A Cupid Comes to Play!

This month you have probably been hearing about the little Cupid that has come to visit our classroom this month. We named him Icing Twinkle Toes and he looks like a pink dragon.Though most kids think he resembles a hippo! Our Cupid also is pink and has glittery wings.

On our first day with our Cupid we learned through a note he left us, that he came from Cupid land and that if we are nice, kind, respectful, and loving to one another he will get magic to move at night! The only rule is that you cannot touch the little Cupid otherwise he will loose his magic. Our Cupid was on top of the SMART board, projector, on top of the lights, hanging from the ceiling, on top of the computer, and today he was on top of the world! Literally we found him on top of our class globe!!

We also took our own Cupid pictures (adorable) and found out our own Cupid names! Some of the names were just too funny! I posted pictures of all this on the class photo site.

Along with our names students got to practice how to be a cupid by dressing up as one. The pictures of each child dressed up were very cute. I will post individual student pictures on the class photo site but here is one of our hallway display.

PAWS Program

We were very excited to have the PAWS program come to Wilbur Elementary on February 4th. The PAWS for Reading program allows children to read aloud to a therapy dog in order to improve reading and communication skills. The dog that came to visit us was named Teddy and he was a golden retriever  With the size of the kindergarten student population at Wilbur we had to have the PAWS program do a large group reading of a story instead of a one-on-one reading with a child and the dog. The book that was read was titled If You Give A Dog A Donut by Laura Numeroff. Even though the activity was done in a whole group setting the students didn't seem to mind. They were excited to learn about something new, specifically therapy dogs.


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