Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hodgson Vo-Tech Comes to Wilbur!!

On February 28th at 9:00am students were surprised to have Hodgson Vocational Technical High School come to Wilbur Elementary to talk to them about dental hygiene since February is dental awareness month. The students were excited to get to meet high school students however I don't think they realized what they would actually be doing with them once the activities started. At 9am that morning students put on their name tags which were also dental bibs. Then we walked down to the cafeteria and split into two groups. From there students rotated around the cafeteria every five minutes to another station where they could do a different activity and learn new information! At one station students were able to sort pictures of food by if they were healthy foods or unhealthy foods.

At another station students could examine a model of a mouth and take teeth out to see if there was a cavity. Under some of the teeth there was some pretend 'blood' that the students thought was real! At another station students learned about the different kinds of teeth in their mouth.

 A different station provided students with an opportunity to better understand what plaque is and what it does to their teeth. At this center students used tooth brushes to paint the 'plaque' on paper teeth.

It seemed that through all eight stations the one students loved the most was where they used a disclosing solution on their teeth. This special solution allowed them to see the plaque on their teeth by turning it pink. This allowed children to see where they needed to to brush. Listerine makes an over the counter similar product called "Agent Blue" kids rinse after brushing and anywhere that appears blue, they have to go back and brush again. 

At the last station that students went to they used paper diagrams and model's of a mouth to practice how to floss their teeth. At the end of the entire presentation students were given a bag with some goodies in it such as tooth paste, a new tooth brush and some floss. We were all very appreciative for EVERYTHING the students and staff at Hodgson Vo-Tech did to make this special day happen!


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