Tuesday, April 2, 2013

March Madness

This March has started off with some exciting events! We have a leprechaun causing all sorts of mischief. He is turning over chairs, turning our water green, putting our chairs everywhere, leaving little green footprints all over everything, throwing paper on the floor, and hanging things from the ceiling!

The students have LOVED everything he has done. They come together and help to clean up Larry the leprechaun's messes. Sometimes he leaves us treats like tiny cookies, coins, leprechaun slime, hats, notes, and confetti.This week he has sent us notes and hid them around the school. One day Larry the leprechaun left us some hats so that we could decorate them and wear them at school!

 On another day Larry left some leprechaun slime in Mrs. Cooper's office as well as another note!

Before St. Patricks Day we made Larry the leprechaun hats out of Styrofoam cups! In a note Larry left us he said that he would shrink the hats we made to fit his head if he liked our hats! So we decorated the cups and then left them out over the weekend for Larry to shrink!

We also put out the leprechaun traps we made so that we could trap that sneaky little leprechaun!

When we came to school the Monday after St. Patricks day we saw that Larry had shrunk all of our hats! He also left us little cauldrons filled with chocolates!


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