Friday, May 4, 2012

Caterpillars and Butterflies

This month a student and her family brought in a pink lady butterfly project for us to do in class. It was very exciting because she brought in a small cup, inside the cup were caterpillars! Over the next two weeks we watched the caterpillars grow until they were really long and fat. After that we watched them make a chrysalis! Over the next week we watched them very closely being very careful not to move them. Then this past Monday one butterfly came out of it's cocoon! Then on Tuesday 3 butterflies came out of their cocoons. The last butterfly came out on Wednesday and all the kids were very excited that all five of our caterpillars became butterflies. Over the course of the week Ms. Williamson fed the butterflies sugar water so that they had something to eat. Then today we released them behind our school! It was very exciting and we enjoyed every moment of it! Thank you to the Truban family for providing us with this cool science experiment!


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