Thursday, May 10, 2012

They Arrived!!

After releasing the Butterflies last week the students were sad to let them go. So I got a Ladybug Land for them from Insect Lore. What is great about the Ladybug land is that students can watch the whole life cycle of a ladybug! They can see the eggs turn into the Larva, the Larva turn into the pupa, and the pupa turn into the ladybugs!

Well today the ladybug land kit arrived at school!

The larva were sent inside a test tube with some food that looked like sand. We had to follow the instructions and put the contents of the test tube into the ladybug terrarium.

Here is a picture of what our larva look like on Day 1!

We have 8 ladybug larva so far, we named them Phineas, Ferb, Juju-Bee, Lizzy, Hailey, Yoda, Jose, and Olivia. We are so excited to see our ladybugs grow!


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