Thursday, September 20, 2012

Student Behavior and Class Dojo

Over the past couple of weeks you may have heard your child talking about Class Dojo. When I first heard about it from another teacher I was curious about it. Since I first used it class last year I have found it to be a very valuable asset for students. It allows them to earn points for good behaviors they exibit in the classroom. In school I use it all the time for students giving them points for participation, effort on their work, helping others, being quiet on the carpet and walking quietly in the halls.

Recently I began sending report cards to parents from Class Dojo. These reports allow parents to see their child's behavior in class through out a week. There is also a feature that allso students to sign in and design their own monster or avatar. If you think your student would use this feature I can send home more information.

Please give me feedback on this new feature. I will continue to do student behavior charts in the back of each child's yellow folder until any issues with this feature are worked out. Thanks!


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