Thursday, April 18, 2013

2D and 3D shapes

We ended our shape unit right before spring break however I realized that I never posted these pictures! I am very proud of all the students in the class! They made 3D models of a cube with mini marshmallows and tooth picks. What surprised me was that NONE of them needed my help. Then later on in the week student made a 3D shape model of a pyramid. I had paper pre-cut and perforated so that it was easier students then I gave them some tape. This model was harder for students to complete which surprised me however, once they finished their models they were excited and proud of themselves. I just had to hang these models up in the classroom. We ended the shape unit with our 3D shape sort and it went really well. Thank you parents and families for sending in supplies for this activity. Without your help it would have been hard to put this all together.


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